OLGENAS International Geolympiad is an annual event organized by the Faculty Of Geography Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). OLGENAS 2024 is competing in geography, this competition is present to provide opportunities for middle school and high school students to increase their competitiveness, compete with each other healthily and more critically, and be able to raise a student affective, cognitive, and psychomotor abilities, remembering that this third parameter is used as a standard for the success of learning. OLGENAS was first held in 2006 which made us pioneers of the Geography Olympiad in Indonesia. And this year OLGENAS International Geolmpiad 2024 will be in its 19th year, We stepped into our game and went international to reach more young people and introduce a geographical perspective on contemporary issues. OLGENAS International Geolympiad 2024 will be held completely offline at the Faculty Of Geography Universitas Gadjah Mada


The logo consists of 3 main components which are Human Body, Sun, and Leaf that forms a hexagon. The hexagon shows the elemental bond of carbon where carbon is the object of the issues in this theme. In addition, the shape of the three components is arranged similarly to the three-dimensional plane formed from the hexagonal, there is a cube, referring to the spatial aspect. Meanwhile, the three main components represent the OLGENAS International Geolympiad 2024 theme. The Human Body represents the concept of sensing, in this case, the senses that humans have. Sun refers to potential renewable energy sources in Indonesia along with the Leaf component which refers to the environmental context as a bond to the concept of Sustainable Development.

introducing our theme

The theme “Sensing the Earth: Spatial Approach to Achieve Low Carbon Future” consists of several key words that have important meaning. The word “Sensing” describes the act of observing and measuring using sensors or special tools. “The Earth” refers to the planet Earth which includes our entire ecosystem and living environment. “Spatial” emphasizes the importance of understanding space and position in a geographic context, including mapping and geospatial data. “Approach” refers to the means or methods used to solve environmental problems. “To Achieve” highlights the goal of achieving a future with low carbon emissions, namely reducing the impact of climate change. The “Low Carbon Future” is a vision of a future in which greenhouse gas emissions have been significantly reduced through a shift to clean energy sources and sustainable practices. The overall theme reflects a focus on using spatial information to understand environmental challenges and achieve a sustainable future.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


  • Is it allowed for students in grade 12th and 9th to join the competition?

Yes, with approval from the school

  • Will this year’s OLGENAS be carried out in full offline?

Yes, OLGENAS 2024 activities will be held offline.

  • What to prepare for OLGENAS Offline?

Participants come in good condition and already read the Guidebook.

  • For how long will OLGENAS 2023 be held? 

Olgenas International Geolympiad 2024 for Junior High School will be held on 15th – 16th of January 2024  and will be followed by the Senior High School level on 17th – 19th January 2024.

  • What are the activities of OLGENAS International Geolympiad 2024?

There will be various sub-test for each educational level. Further details of the sub-olympiad are already well-written on our guidebook which can be accessed on our website.

  • What language will be used throughout the olympiad?

All activities for Senior High school level are expected to be delivered in English. Whereas the language that will be used for Junior High School level is bilingual (Bahasa – English).

  • Is it allowed to join the competition if I already joined last year’s OLGENAS?

Yes, but kindly pay attention since there might be several changes in regulation for OLGENAS 2024

  • Is it okay for a school to send more than two teams?

Yes, there are no limitations in the amount of schools that can participate both Senior High School and Junior High School

  • Is it okay for the composition of one team to come from different schools?

As it inline with our guideline, team members must be from the same school.

  • How can I register my team for OLGENAS 2024?

Please kindly check our website at www.olgenas.geo.ugm.ac.id. You can find the registration form in there

  • Are there any specific requirements in OLGENAS 2024?

Please kindly check our website on https://olgenas.geo.ugm.ac.id and read OLGENAS 2024 Guidebook

  • Are teachers required to participate in the OLGENAS International Geolympiad 2024?

Yes, because there will be several activities that must be attended by accompanying teachers of each school.

  • How much is the registration fee for the international team?

The registration fee for International Senior High School level is USD 70.  The payment can be made via PayPal at refidiahzaliantysaputri2003@mail.ugm.ac.id

  • How much is the registration fee for the local team?

The registration fee for local team is 745.000 IDR for Indonesian Senior High School and 630.000 IDR for Indonesian Junior High School The payment can be done through bank transfer with Bank Account Number: 216401000913564 (BRI) under the name OLGENAS INTERNATIONAL GEOLYMPIAD 

  • Is the accommodation fee separate from the registration fee?

The registration fee doesn’t include accommodation fee.

  • Is there any kind of accommodation package we can choose?

We only provide one package accommodation that is not mandatory (optional).

  • How much is the accommodation fee?

The information about prices and accommodation can check on the registration form and our website www.olgenas.geo.ugm.ac.id in the menu accommodation